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Navi Auto Transport delivers on-time, dependable, car shipping and we aim for excellent customer service

Is it possible to make an online car purchase and arrange for delivery?

It’s not always possible to find your dream car locally, which is why many people choose to purchase their desired vehicles online. With our auto transport services, you can conveniently buy a car online and have it safely and securely delivered to your location.

The process is fast, effortless, cost-effective, and ensures absolute safety.

What is the pricing for auto transport services?

The cost of auto transport for purchasing a car online and arranging delivery depends on various factors such as the distance traveled, type and condition of the car, and the time of year.

We aim to provide the most competitive rates for your car transport services, ensuring you receive the best possible deal.

What is an auto transport service?

If you need to get a car, or any kind of vehicle, from A to point B, an auto transport service provider can handle the task efficiently.

By using a truck and trailer, the vehicle is transported without experiencing any wear and tear. This method is not only safer but also eliminates the need for driving long distances on your own.

Online Car Shopping: Doorstep Delivery Options

Sometimes, your dream car is just a click away. Many opt to purchase their dream wheels online when local options fall short. Choose our auto transport service, and you can effortlessly buy a car online and have it securely and affordably delivered.

How our car shipping services for online car buyers works

Experience the benefit of our quick and secure car shipping services designed for online car buyers, simplified into three easy steps.
buy a car online and transport it

1. Get a quote and book your order

Buy a car online and have it delivered with ease by getting a free instant quote from our online calculator, taking just two minutes. Provide essential details like pick-up and delivery cities, vehicle information, condition, transport type, and shipping date.

Our price includes taxes and insurance coverage, with no hidden fees or obligations. If the price doesn't meet your satisfaction, let us know, and we'll do our best to meet your expectations or match a competitor's offer.

You can choose between the Discounted Cash Price, with partial payment will be collected once we have a carrier dispatched and the rest upon delivery, or the Regular Price, with full payment during booking to secure your spot on the trailer.

If you prefer, you have the option to request a quote by contacting us directly via phone, email, or our Live Chat. Our team of knowledgeable car shipping advisors is available to assist you with any questions you may have.

2. We pick up your vehicle

Your assigned vehicle shipping carrier will contact you a few hours before pick-up to confirm details and location accessibility. If needed, you can arrange an alternative pick-up spot nearby, such as a parking lot or wider street. Ensure someone is available to release the vehicle.

At pick-up, you and the carrier will inspect the vehicle, noting any pre-existing damages on the Bill of Lading, with both parties signing a copy for your records.

Once loaded onto the carrier's trailer, your vehicle will be transported to the delivery destination. Stay connected with the driver for updates or you can contact us.

Ship a car to another state

We deliver your car to your new house

3. We deliver your vehicle

You’ll receive another important call when your car is almost home. To ensure your availability, the carrier will contact you a few hours prior to the scheduled delivery time. If you are unable to personally receive the delivery, there is no need to worry. You have the option to designate a trusted individual such as a friend, family member, colleague, or neighbor to accept the delivery on your behalf, they have to be at least 18 years of age.

black Hyundai, find a carrier to ship it to your home

An auto transport service that sets us aside from your competitors

Discover the reasons why we are recognized as one of the leading companies for purchasing a car online and arranging safe delivery.

  • No upfront Payment

With our door-to-door transport service, you have the advantage of paying nothing upfront. Simply use our online instant quote calculator to get the price for your shipment. Payment is only required once your car transport express shipment has been assigned and we dispatch your car for shipping.

  • Customizable transport service

We understand that every auto transport customer is unique, which is why we provide a customizable transport service. Our dedicated team of shipping advisors goes the extra mile from the moment you reach out to us, making sure that your enclosed or open car transport meet your specific requirements and preferences.

  • Personalized Approach

One significant benefit of using our enclosed vehicle transport services is the implementation of hydraulic lift gates and extended racing ramps by the carrier for efficient loading and unloading of cars. This feature proves invaluable, particularly for vehicles with low ground clearance. It highlights the importance of such capabilities in enclosed auto transport trailer services.

  • Full insurance coverage

No matter if you choose for open or enclosed auto transport, rest assured that your vehicle is fully protected throughout its entire journey. We include the cost of insurance coverage in our rates so there’ll be no unexpected additional charges.

Which type of auto transport service is most preferred by online car buyers?

Online car buyers need a service that’s quick. The unpredictability of finding the perfect car online requires a quick response. For this reason, express auto transport is a very popular choice. You can make last-minute arrangements so there’s no time wasted. When timing is crucial, we also offer a guaranteed pick-up service.

The enclosed auto transport is a popular choice among online car buyers, because of the complete protection provided.

Ship your truck to your new home today

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The benefits of chasing for auto transport services

Discover the advantages of purchasing a car online and having it delivered to your doorstep.
Both open and enclosed vehicle shipping options are available

We have the capability to provide all our clients with a choice between open car transport and enclosed auto transport. If you seek an affordable car shipping service that prioritizes safety and security, then this is an excellent choice. For higher-value vehicles, the enclosed auto transport offers complete protection.

Last-minute services are an option

When you’re buying your latest vehicle online, it’s crucial you act swiftly. f you're unable to physically pick up the car and need to order it online for delivery, you'd want to make sure that there are no unnecessary delays. With express car shipping services, you can secure your booking within a 24-hour timeframe, so there’s no delay.

Efficient and straightforward car shipping process

Provide our shipping advisors with all the necessary information and the auto shipping process is quick and simple. The carrier we select pickups, transports, and delivers your vehicle according to your instructions, and we make sure it happens smoothly.

Reliable and secure car shipping service

We employ a thorough screening process to ensure that all transporters we collaborate with are competent, professional, reliable, and adhere to regulations. Your vehicles are safe and secure in their hands.

Door-to-door car shipping for multiple-vehicles

If your decision is to purchase multiple vehicles, it's not an issue. We can make it happen, the shipping of one, two, three, four or even more vehicles. And you can have them delivered to a location of your choosing.

Competitive rate

We offer a variety of car shipping services and aim to provide the most competitive prices for you. We can customize our services based on your requirements and stick with your budget. To learn more about our pricing, check out our online instant quote calculator.

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We strive to be one of the best auto transport companies in the US

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about purchasing a car online and having it delivered.

Do you ship vehicles from car dealerships?

Yes, we transport vehicles from all car dealerships in the US. We’ll arrange the pickup with the dealership to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and detailed before the transportation process begins.

Do you provide car shipping services for vehicles purchased from auto auctions?

Absolutely, we transport vehicles from various auctions including IAA, COPART, Manheim, Brashers, Mecum, Iron Planet, Richie Bros, and more.

Are you able to cover the storage fees from the auctions?

In many cases, carriers can cover fees up to $100, provided that the balance remains within that limit. However, we strongly advise settling all storage and auction fees before scheduling your pick-up date to ensure a smooth process.

Is it possible for me to make payment to you, and then you handle the payment to the seller for the vehicle's cost?

We strictly focus on the shipping aspect of your online car purchase and do not engage in any third-party transactions. Our responsibility is solely in making sure of the shipping of your online car purchase only.

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