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Your Relocation Solution: Car Relocation Services

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car relocation services

The online car buying journeys of our valued customers with Navi Auto Transport

Navi Auto Transport delivers on-time, dependable, car shipping and we aim for excellent customer service.

Learn more about vehicle relocation services

Navi delivers on-time, dependable, shipping service and we aim for excellent customer service.
What is auto relocation?

Auto relocation is a convenient service that allows you to ship a car across the country. Simply inform us about your desired destination, and we will make sure that your car is picked up and delivered as close to your preferred address as possible.

What is the pricing fot relocation services?

The cost of purchasing a vehicle online and arranging delivery depends on various factors such as the distance traveled, type and condition of the vehicle, and the time of year.

We aim to provide the most competitive shipping rates , ensuring you receive the best possible deal.

Which areas do we cover for auto relocation?

As a highly trusted auto relocation company in the United States, we take pride in providing a diverse range of auto relocation services across 49 states.

Additionally, we extend our shipping services to ports in Hawaii, ensuring comprehensive coverage for our customers.

Navi shipping for Your Vehicle Relocation Needs

Choose Navi Auto Transport for a seamless and reliable solution to all your vehicle relocation needs. We guarantee safe, on-time delivery, nationwide coverage, and competitive pricing for your peace of mind.

How do the vehicle relocation services work?

Relocate it quickly and safely with just 3 simple steps!
1. Get a quote and book your order

1. Get a quote and book your order

Get a free instant auto relocation quote using our online calculator. Provide details like pick-up and delivery locations, vehicle information, condition, type, and shipping date.

The quoted price includes insurance coverage and taxes, with no hidden charges or obligations. If unsatisfied, let us know, and we'll try to meet your expectations or match a competitor's offer.

Choose between two payment methods: Discounted Cash Price with a partial payment upon carrier dispatch and the balance upon delivery, or Regular Price with full payment upon dispatching.

2. We pick up your vehicle

A few hours before your car's scheduled pick-up, the dispatched carrier will verify the details and confirm the pick-up location's accessibility and safety for large trucks. If needed, an alternative meeting point, like a nearby wider street or a parking lot, can be arranged, even at your workplace.

The carrier will also ensure someone is available to hand over the vehicle. If you can't be present, you can designate a neighbor, friend, relative, or colleague to give the key to the driver. Before loading your vehicle onto the trailer, both you and the driver will conduct an inspection, noting any pre-existing external damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL). Keep your copy safe after signing it.

Your car will then be carefully loaded onto the auto relocation trailer. Rest assured, it will be handled with utmost care throughout the transit. You can stay in touch with the driver during the journey or you can contact via email or phone.

Leave your car at your door step and Navi auto transport will pick it up

We deliver your car

3. We deliver your vehicle

It won’t be long before the day arrives for the delivery. The carrier will provide a few hours notice, ensuring you have time to be available. If you’re going to be otherwise engaged, you're free to designate someone to accept the delivery for you. They must be over 18 years old, but they could be a neighbor, friend, relative, acquaintance, or even a coworker.

A final inspection will be made to ensure everything is as it should be. The last step is to sign the Bill of Lading to accept the delivery. For orders placed with the Discounted Cash Price, it's now time to pay the outstanding balance. Payment can be made using cash, a cashier’s check, or a money order.

What sets our shipping relocation services apart

Check why we are one of the top auto relocation services companies in the USA.

  • Zero upfront payment

Book our car relocation services with us and you pay nothing upfront. regardless of whether you choose for open car transport or enclosed auto transport. We only require payment when your shipment is assigned to a carrier and your vehicle is prepared for shipping.

  • Full insurance coverage

We understand that every auto transport customer is unique, which is why we provide a customizable transport service. Our dedicated team of shipping advisors goes the extra mile from the moment you reach out to us, making sure that your enclosed or open car transport meet your specific requirements and preferences.

  • Customizable shipping relocation service

We take pride in the individuality of our customers and embrace the opportunity to customize our services to their specific requirements. Our dedicated shipping advisors are available via phone or Live Chat, eager to go above and beyond to ensure that your vehicle relocation service is customized to perfectly align with your needs.

  • Personalized Approach

Count on our dedicated shipping advisors to guide you every step of the way throughout the auto relocation process. Rest assured, you won't be left in the dark as we provide continuous support. From the initial point of contact until the safe delivery of your vehicle, we'll be there for you, ensuring a seamless experience.

Ship your EV to another state

we know how to ship a porsche 911 a cross country

Which auto relocation services do our customers prefer?

We provide a variety of auto relocation services to feed to our customers' diverse needs. The open trailer stands out as the preferred choice for those seeking a cost-effective, safe, and secure shipping service, the open trailer is the most popular choice.

Owners of high-end, custom, classic, antique, or luxury vehicles, enclosed trailer is the service of choice. For customers who are in a hurry, we provide the options of express shipping and guaranteed service to meet their specific requirements.

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The advantages of our vehicle relocation services

Discover the benefits of using our automobile relocation services

Our relocation services offer a time-saving advantage by eliminating the need for you to plan an extensive journey. We ensure your vehicle reaches its final destination with greater safety and security than if you drove it on the highway.


Book your door-to-door services with us and you choose the pick-up and delivery locations. We’ll aim to get as close as we can, as long as it's safe and lawful. The locations don't necessarily need to be your residence; they could be your workplace, storage unit, or even a shopping mall.

Safe shipping

Rest assured that every vehicle transported through our car relocation services are delivered safely to their final destination. We ship vehicles across 50 states.

Available Discounts

While our pricing is highly competitive, we also offer various discounts. For instance, active or retired military personnel might qualify for our special military discount.

Door-to-door car shipping for multiple-vehicles

We possess a wide-ranging network of car carriers at our disposal. Each has undergone thorough scrutiny and was selected for their superior service standards. These carriers have delivered thousands of vehicles over the years. We have a carrier who can meet your needs and budget.

Nationwide delivery services

No matter if you are relocating to a different city, crossing state borders, moving from coast to coast, or requiring transportation anywhere on the mainland. We also offer a door-to-port service.

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We strive to be one of the best auto transport companies in the US

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about purchasing a car online and having it delivered.

What vehicle relocation services do we provide?

Our range of services includes open and enclosed, door-to-door service, express shipping, and guaranteed pick up.

Will the carrier pick up the vehicle from my house?

Yes, the carrier will pick up the vehicle from your house as long as it’s accessible for big commercial trucks.

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