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Enclosed auto transport
Enclosed car shipping with Navi auto transport

What is enclosed auto transport?

It's is a type of trailer that adds extra protection for vehicles. This method is an excellent choice for transporting classic or luxury cars. It's typically have a limited capacity, usually accommodating up to 7 cars at once. It allows you to ship your car from one location to another in a trailer that is completely covered on all sides.

This ensures the vehicle is protected from weather conditions and road debris, offering you peace of mind during the transportation process. Providing you with a sense of security throughout the shipping process.

Enclosed vs. Open Auto Transport

If you choose open trailer, your vehicle will be transported alongside other vehicles. While the open service exposes your vehicle to weather elements, dust, and dirt. However, it is still a safe option for people looking for a low-cost auto shipping option. On the other hand, enclosed auto transport provides protection on all sides.

With this option, your vehicle is transported in closed trailer specifically designed for auto moving. It is the preferred choice for owners of classic cars, luxury vehicles, antiques, exotics, and high-value vehicles. It tends to come at a slightly higher cost compared to open option, typically ranging from 30% to 40% more expensive but not all the time, contact us and will explain in details.

Enclosed Car Transport Services in Los Angeles

In which situations is enclosed auto transport the most suitable choice?

In which situations is enclosed auto transport the most suitable choice?

When it comes to shipping vehicles, there are several options to consider, but this methond is the preferred choice when your vehicle possesses considerable investment value. It is particularly well-suited for transporting the following types of vehicles: sports cars, classic cars, luxury cars, antique or vintage vehicles, vehicles with custom or unique cars.

It is also a suitable option if your vehicle carries immense sentimental value. However, if you intend to ship a standard or everyday automobile, we recommend choosing open trailer instead but the choice is all yours. Navi's team is here to answer with any questions.

Does enclosed auto transport provide door-to-door service?

Absolutely, It can be door-to-door service based on your preference.

However, it is important to consider potential restrictions such as low-hanging trees or power lines that may make a door-to-door service very difficult. In such cases, the carrier will make arrangements for pick-up and delivery locations as close as possible to your desired destination. If you want to check if your locations are accessible for big trucks call us.

Does enclosed auto transport provide door-to-door service?

Why is enclosed auto transport considered the most secure method?

Why is enclosed auto transport considered the most secure method?

Using this closed option to ship your vehicles is the safest option. The carrier companies have trailers that are closed from all sides.

These trailers provide complete protection from weather exposure such as rain, hail, sun, snow, and ice. Your vehicle will be safe from the flying hazards such as rocks or debris.

What is the cost of transporting a vehicle using an enclosed service?

The cost of closed trailer is determined by several factors. The vehicle's make and model play a part - smaller vehicles are generally cheaper to move than larger ones.The mileage between the origin and destination is another factor - a shorter trip, such as from San Francisco to Phoenix, will cost less than a cross-country one.

If you require a faster than normal shipping service, the price will increase, if you want to learn more give us a call or obtain a quote from our website

Type of auto services:

While open car transport provides a cost-effective solution, for those with vintage, classic, sports, antique, custom, or luxury ones, enclosed carrier might be more suitable. The service comes at a higher price, but it offers additional protection for your vehicle. The condition of the vehicle matters too: costs are lower for operable vehicles compared to inoperable ones, as the latter require specialist equipment for loading and unloading, which adds to the expense.

The locations for pick-up and delivery also matter:

Moving vehicles between major cities tends to be cheaper than shipping to and from more remote locations. The time of year plays a role: shipping a vehicle is usually cheaper during the summer, with costs rising during the winter due to dangerous road conditions.

Ship car with an enclosed trailer

What customers say about auto transport service:

How auto transport services work in 3 steps:

Ship your new car with enclosed car shipping

1. Get a free quote and book an order

Get a free auto transport quote instantly using our online calculator. Contact our dedicated advisors via phone, or email for assistance. The quote includes full insurance coverage with no hidden fees. No upfront payment is required upon booking, and you can change your mind without any obligation.

We search our network of reliable carriers to find the best fit for your needs. After confirming the pick-up date, we'll provide details about the remaining steps. If you choose the Discounted Cash Price, a partial payment is taken, and the balance is due upon delivery. For the Regular Price, the full payment is collected once a carrier is assigned and dates are confirmed.

2. We pick up your vehicle

The carrier will contact you before pick-up to confirm accessibility. If needed, alternative meeting spots can be arranged. Before loading, inspect the vehicle with the driver, noting any existing damage on the Bill of Lading. Keep your copy safe, as it is crucial for the process.

Your vehicle will be loaded onto the trailer, and you can stay in touch with the driver or you contact us via email or phone.

We pick up the car from your door step

Ship your car with enclosed auto transport

3. We deliver it

It won’t be long before the final step takes place. It's time for you to receive your precious vehicle. A few hours before arrival, the carrier will contact you to provide an update when you will be able to deliver it.

This also serves as a courtesy check to ensure you're available. If you're unable to be present, you can assign a trusted friend, relative, neighbor, or coworker to accept the delivery for you. However, they must be at least 18 years old.

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Reasons why we are a favored provider

Why we a set aside from the other auto shipping companies
Your vehicle is fully insured

During the entire process, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is completely insured and secure. Our rates incorporate with the cost of full insurance coverage.

Trusted network of carriers

At Navi, we prioritize not only the convenience but also the security of exotic auto transport. Our team personally vets each and every hauler company in our network to ensure you’re getting a trusted, dependable service.

Customizable personal service

We understand that each individual has unique requirements when it comes to transporting vehicle. That's why we offer customizable services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our shipping advisors will work closely with you to ensure you receive the desired enclosed car transport service. They’ll be able to guide you through the process and be on hand if you need to ask any questions.

No upfront payment required

When booking your closed shipping service with us, there is no upfront payment required. Use our online calculator to receive your instant quote and place your order. Payment is only processed when we have identified a carrier and your vehicle is prepared for shipping.

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The benefits of using covered car transport

  • Total comfort

Our enclosed car transport service ensures that your vehicle arrives in the same condition as when it was picked up. Enclosed car shipping costs more but the value of absolute comfort, knowing that your vehicle is safe, is truly priceless.

  • Protection is Guaranteed

Your pride and joy is protected on all sides from the weather, rain, and road debris.There’s nothing wrong with a little rain or snow might not be a concern for most situations, it can be detrimental when transporting sports cars or exotic vehicles. By choosing for covered car transport, we can guarantee that your car will remain clean throughout its entire journey.

  • Multiple shipping available

If you are the proud owner of multiple classic vehicles, choosing enclosed vehicle transport poses no issue. We will ensure to secure the best possible deal for you from our network of trusted covered car transport carriers.

  • Accommodates vehicles with low ground clearance

One significant benefit of using our enclosed vehicle transport services is the implementation of hydraulic lift gates and extended racing ramps by the carrier for efficient loading and unloading of cars. This feature proves invaluable, particularly for vehicles with low ground clearance. It highlights the importance of such capabilities in enclosed auto transport trailer services.

When we advise enclosed shipping service

For individuals who take pride in owning vintage, custom, classic, exotic, antique, or luxury cars, we highly recommend choosing this type of service. This specialized service ensures that your valuable vehicle is transported within a fully closed trailer, providing complete protection against external elements and traffic grime.

Additionally, owners of vehicles with low ground clearance are also advised to choose for covered shipping service. During the winter months when weather conditions can be harsh, this auto service becomes an ideal choice for ensuring your vehicle is protected from bad weather conditions.

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