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College students auto transport

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What types of transportation services are available for college students?

What types of transportation services are available for college students?

Transportation services for students are a way to get your vehicle picked up from your home and delivered to your college campus.
Transportation for students has never been easier. With your personal vehicle, you can bypass the need for public transportation.

What is the price for these services?

The cost of transportation services for students depends on a number of things. The distance the vehicle is required to travel and the type of trailer all contribute to the cost of our shipping service. When going to college, the price for transporting a vehicle needs to be reasonable, and we understand that. If you wish to learn more, please use our online instant quote calculator get an estimate price.

What types of transportation services are available?

We offer a range of different shipping options, the most preferred college students is open shipping service. This option is not only secure and safe for your vehicle, but it's also budget-friendly, ensuring that your college expenses won't significantly increase.

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1. Get a quote and book an order

Book transportation service now. Get a free instant quote by providing basic details like pickup and delivery locations, vehicle details, type of trailer, and the first possible shipping date. No hidden charges, taxes, or insurance costs. We'll find a reliable carrier for you and confirm the pick-up date.

A small partial payment will be collected if you choose the Discounted Cash Price, with the remaining amount due upon delivery. For the Regular Price option, full payment once we have a carrier assigned to ship your vehicle. Enjoy a seamless experience with us!

We pick up your car

Transportation services for college students

2. We pick up your vehicle

On the scheduled pick-up day, you’ll be given a few hours notice that the carrier is on their way. They need to confirm that the pick-up location is both safe and legally permissible for a large commercial trucks. If it's not suitable, an alternative location should be arranged, such as a nearby wider or unrestricted street, a maybe parking lot, or perhaps your workplace. They will also confirm that someone will be present to hand over the vehicle. If you're unable to be there, you can designate a third party, such as a neighbor, friend, relative, or work colleague, to act on your behalf.

Upon the carrier's arrival, it's essential that both you and the driver inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damage. Any minor damages, such as dings, dents, or scratches, must be documented on the Bill of Lading. This significant document requires both your signatures, and you'll receive a copy to retain for your records.

The vehicle will then be carefully loaded onto the trailer and you can say your goodbyes. For your reassurance, you are able to maintain regular communication with the driver. We can also arrange consistent updates.

3. We deliver your vehicle

In a few days time, you’ll be contacted again to let you know your vehicle is almost home. A few hours before they’re due to arrive, the carrier will get in touch to let you know they’re almost there. Apart from being a courtesy call, this is also an opportunity for the carrier to make sure the suitability of the delivery location and confirm that someone will be present to receive it. If you can't be available, you may delegate the task to a third party, like a friend, relative, neighbor, or acquaintance, provided they are at least 18 years old.

When your vehicle is delivered, you must check it over once again to ensure everything is in order. he final step is to sign the Bill of Lading to accept delivery. If you chose the Discounted Cash Price, the remaining payment must now be made, either in cash, via a cashier's check, or through a money order.

We deliver your vehicle to your college

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Transportation services for college students

Discover the reasons behind our standing as one of the premier transportation companies for students.
No Payment upfront

When you book our transportation services, you won't have to make any upfront payments. We only request payment once your shipment has been assigned to a carrier and we initiate the process of shipping it.

Full insurance coverage

Regardless of the shipping option you select, rest assured that your vehicle is fully protected by the carrier's cargo insurance. The cost of this coverage is already included in our transportation rates, making sure there are no hidden fees.

Personalised college approach

We all like to feel we’re getting a personal service, so we go out of our way to make you feel special. Our dedicated team of real people are available for you to connect with, eliminating the need for automated systems. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

Customizable shipping service

We offer the flexibility to customize your auto service for students according to your specific requirements. Recognizing that everyone is unique, we aim to tailor our services to accommodate individual preferences. Our conscientious shipping advisors will do everything they can to ensure we meets your needs.

The Advantages transportation services for college students

Why College Students Benefit from Personal Transportation

For many students, owning a vehicle plays a vital role in their college journey. Beyond providing the freedom to travel at will, having a personal vehicle offers a dependable means of transportation, particularly when attending a school located far from home.

When it comes to the best college transportation, a vehicle is often the most convenient and reliable option. While school-provided transport, such as buses or designated drivers, may be available, they often entail limitations concerning routes and schedules. With a vehicle, students have the ability to create their own schedules and travel plans.

Having a car becomes especially invaluable during specific periods like holiday breaks or summer vacations. Rather than relying on public transportation or school buses, students can simply hop in their vehicle and head home or take a road trip with friends.

Choosing fuel-efficient vehicles like the Toyota Prius or Kia Soul proves advantageous, as they not only deliver excellent fuel economy but also come equipped with advanced features like adaptive cruise control and collision warning. Such choices not only help reduce costs but also prioritize safety while on the road.

College students who study far away from home may need to consider shipping their vehicles to their campus. This can be done through shipping companies, like Navi, that offer door to door service. This allows students to concentrate on their studies without concerns about their vehicle's arrival on campus.

The Advantages transportation services for students

Less stress

If you're a first-time college student, there are numerous concerns to manage. Choose transportation services, and that’s one less thing to worry about. We’ll take over responsibility for shipping it, so you can focus on organising all the other thing fro college

Affordable Rates

Car transportation services for college students offer significantly more affordability compared to organizing a road trip, even when splitting the costs with friends Our objective is to provide auto transport at a price you can afford.

Easy shipping process

Our shipping process is designed to be incredibly simple and straightforward. Just follow three easy steps: obtain a free instant online quote using our user-friendly calculator, make your booking, and patiently await the delivery to happen.

Extra personal items allowed

You can ship one suitcase or a box weighing up to 100 lbs of personal items in the trunk of your at no extra cost. There’s no additional charge, which has to be good for your budget.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Taking a long road trip might sound like fun, it carries the inherent risk of accidents. There’s also the stress of being stuck in traffic, as well as road and weather conditions to contend with.

Door-to-door service

Let our shipping advisors know the correct pick-up and delivery locations and we will make every effort to get as close as legally and safely possible. If you want a vehicle delivered on campus, you’ll need to check if this is allowed with your college authorities.

Which shipping service is preferred by students?

Which shipping service is preferred by students?

Students often need to keep costs as low as possible. This option makes sure the safe and secure transportation of vehicles while remaining budget-friendly.

There are, however, occasions when a little extra care and attention is required. For college students who possess classic, custom, luxury, vintage, or new vehicles, the preferred service is enclosed trailer. We also accommodate requests for express delivery and guaranteed pick-up service on certain occasions. All our shipping services are door-to-door, unless you’re shipping a car internationally, or to Hawaii.

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