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Reasons to choose one of the top-rated motorcycle shipping company

No payment upfront

That's right, you've got it right – there's no upfront payment required! When it comes to shipping, companies like Navi only request payment once the carrier is on its way. This means you can secure your shipment now and manage the payment at a later time. When you opt for us to ship it, there's no need to worry about any advance payment.

Full insurance coverage

Shipping companies include insurance coverage in your quote. Our selected carriers must adhere to insurance regulations before becoming part of our reputable hauler network. We have a dedicated department responsible for thoroughly vetting every carrier we partner with.

Personal advisors

Our dedicated team of advisors is devoted to ensuring that you're connected with the finest motorcycle shipping company. They will consistently oversee your shipment to ensure a seamless delivery process.

Customizable Services

Our services are fully customizable to accommodate your unique needs. Our dedicated shipping advisors work closely with you to provide the best transportation solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Motorcycle Shipping Services

Nationwide shipping has never been easier with Navi. We offer Door-to-Door (home delivery) is the most common and preferred customer solution.
You will not need to drain any fluids or disconnect your battery. Our shipping process allows your motorcycle to be transported with little to no prior maintenance required.

What's the process for Navi Auto Transport's motorcycle shipping services?

We pick it up

A few hours before the scheduled pick-up, we'll contact you to ensure someone is available to release your motorcycle. Both you and the driver will conduct a thorough inspection of the motorcycle during pick-up, documenting any damage on the Bill of Lading. After this, it will be expertly loaded onto the trailer with great care.

We deliver it

You can expect your motorcycle to arrive within a few days. Our team will contact you a few hours before delivery to ensure your availability. Upon delivery, we recommend conducting a thorough inspection to confirm everything is in proper order.

Motorcycle Transport and Seasonal Trends

Motorcycle Transport and Seasonal Trends

Navi negotiates advantageous and stable rates with top-tier shippers, ensuring that you benefit from these reduced prices, keeping your rates competitive while ensuring a safe transport.

We are committed to providing consistent, competitive pricing year-round and exclusively partner with premium truckers who uphold the highest service standards.

Transporting a Motorcycle with a Sidecar

As powersport and shipping gains popularity, we now offer shipping solutions for sidecars when needed. Depending on the sidecar’s size, there may be a small surcharge of around $150-$250 added to your quote.

If you only need to transport a sidecar, we can organize a safe and secure sidecar shipment, applying the same safety checks and standards used in our services.

Motorcycle with a Sidecar

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle

The price of service is influenced by a multitude of factors. These encompass distance, make, model, and type, its value, the delivery location, timeframe, the condition, the season, and the specific type of shipping needed. These variables come together to tailor a customized, cost-effective solution just for you.


Distance Type of Transport Avg. Price per Mile Sample Distance Sample Price
0-799 miles Enclosed $1.45 650 miles $942
800-1499 miles Enclosed $0.84 1250 miles $1062
1500-2399 miles Enclosed $0.54 2100 miles $1092
2400+ miles Enclosed $0.43 2850 miles $1255

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