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What do I Need to Know about Cross Country Car Shipping?

What do I Need to Know about Cross Country Car Shipping?

There are many options to move a vehicle nationwide, yet many tend to be pricey, particularly when considering extra charges. The most dependable, speedy, convenient, and cost-effective option is by choosing a shipping company to ship your vehicle across the country.

This door-to-door service makes the process of moving your car from one coast to the other, with no hassle or stress.

What is across country car transport?

It is a service that allows the movement of your vehicle from one city to another, between states, across the country, or any place in between. Your vehicle is picked up and loaded, onto a trailer, and delivered to your specified destination.

We pick up your car from your door

What is the timeframe for transporting a car across the country?

What is the timeframe for transporting a car across the country?

The duration to move a vehicle across country depends on numerous factors. Shipping a vehicle across the US may range from 1-9 calendar days, depending on the distance. We do everything to ensure a smooth shipping process.

Is cross-country car transport door-to-door?

Yes, as long as the locations you choose allow it. If the chosen locations are unsafe or prohibited by law, alternative pick-up and delivery points will be organized. The carrier will coordinate a location as close to your door as possible.

Is cross-country car transport door-to-door?

a blue car being loaded onto a flatbed truck

What is the most cost-effective option for transporting a car across the country?

The cost to move a vehicle from one state to another, it depends on how you choose to do it. Driving it yourself might seem like the cheapest way to ship it, but there are additional costs to include. By far, the most cost-effective option is using cross country moving services.

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What is the price of shipping a car across the country?

The cost of shipping your vehicle is affected by several factors, including:
Make and model

Smaller vehicles generally cost less compared to larger vehicles.

Distance traveled

Shipping over shorter distances costs less than long-distance transport.

Delivery time frame

Choosing for expedited cross country auto transport services typically results in higher costs.

Transport type

For standard vehicles, open car transport offers the best value. However, if you own a classic, vintage, luxury, antique, expensive, or modified car, enclosed auto transport provides additional protection, but the cost is a little higher.

Vehicle condition

Operational vehicles are less expensive to transport. Inoperable vehicles require specialized equipment for loading and unloading, increasing the cost.


Shipping between major cities is generally less expensive than transporting a car across remote countryside. Auto transport companies can cost more because of the remote locations.

Time of the year

Car shipping costs are typically lower during summer when road conditions are safer. Winter months may cost higher due to bad road conditions.

What is the process for shipping multiple cars across the country?

Shipping multiple cars across the country is a similar process as shipping a single car.
Typically, an open truck and trailer are used for transportation. Arrangements are made to pick-up the cars, load them onto the trailer, and deliver them to your desired location. If you want to learn more, reach out to our shipping advisers.

How to ship a car cross-country in 3 easy steps:

get a quote and ship your car

1. Get a quote and book your order

Use our user-friendly online calculator to receive an instant quote. Simply enter your pick-up and delivery city and state, vehicle details, condition, transport type, and first available shipping date. With just a few clicks, our calculator will generate the estimated cost to transport your car across the country, considering the provided information.

One significant benefit of our enclosed vehicle transport services is the implementation of hydraulic lift gates and extended racing ramps by the carrier for efficient loading and unloading of cars. This car transport is great for vehicles with low ground clearance, highlighting the importance of such capabilities in enclosed auto transport trailer services.

2. We pick up your vehicle

A few hours before the scheduled pick-up time, your assigned carrier will contact you to ensure your vehicle is ready. During this communication, the carrier will confirm pick-up details and accessibility for large commercial trucks.

If the designated location is unsafe or not compliant with legal requirements, the carrier will work with you to arrange an alternative pick-up point. This could include a nearby wider street, a parking lot, or pick-up from your workplace.

Additionally, the carrier will verify the availability of someone to release the vehicle during pick-up. If you can't be there, you can designate a person who is at least 18 years old, such as a neighbor, relative, friend, or colleague, to handle it for you.

Navi auto transport picks up your car

Inspect your car at the delivery location

3. We deliver your vehicle

Shortly before your vehicle's delivery to its destination, you will receive a phone call to inform you of its nearing arrival. In case you won't be available, you can find a trusted third-party to accept the delivery on your behalf. This can be a friend, relative, colleague, or neighbor, as long as they are at least 18 years old.

Upon delivery, you'll have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle closely to ensure everything is in order. After inspection, you'll sign the Bill of Lading.

For customers who selected the Discounted Price option, the final balance must be paid in cash, cashier's check, or money order upon delivery. However, if you choose the Regular Price payment option, there is no additional balance to be paid upon delivery.

We provide cross-country auto services you can depend on us.

Reasons that make us the clear choice for shipping your vehicle across country.
No upfront payment required

When it comes to shipping your car across the US, you can book this shipping service without any upfront payment. Our all-inclusive rates ensure there are no hidden costs. Rest assured, we only collect payment once we secure a carrier.

Customizable service

Recognizing that each individual has unique requirements, we have designed this service for your need.
Our team of shipping advisors will collaborate closely with you to determine the optimal approach for shipping your vehicle. Additionally, our proficient dispatch, support, and claims departments are available to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery of your shipment.

Around the clock customer support

Our track record in shipping vehicles speaks for itself. Our dedicated advisors are here to answer questions and monitor your shipment. If you need us, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, phone or Live Chat.

Full insurance coverage

Your vehicle is fully insured and secure. Our transparent pricing includes comprehensive insurance coverage and taxes, leaving no room for unexpected expenses. Our all-inclusive prices come with a guarantee of no hidden charges.

Free Cancellation

If you decide you want to cancel your order before we assign a carrier you pay no penalties. However, please note that the small partial payment made at the time of order placement is non-refundable if cancellation occurs after a carrier has been assigned. On a positive note, if you decide to ship it with us again within the next six months, you can use the deposit as credit towards your new shipment.

Transparency Leads the Way

Discover our open and honest approach. Clear service details, pricing, and insurance coverage, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Many benefits when you ship a car across country

The cost of shipping a car across the country is affected by several factors, including:
Many shipping options are available

We offer a range of options, depending on your needs. Open auto shipping, an economical method for transporting your vehicle. Alternatively, if your car holds significant value, enclosed car service offers more security. For those with time limitations, guaranteed pick-up is available as an additional service.

Shipping more than one vehicle across country is an option

As the number of multi-car households continues to rise, transporting multiple vehicles is no longer a concern. This won’t be a problem if you want to ship them with us and we’ll make sure you get the best possible deal. This advantage holds true not only for dealerships but also for frequent participants in US car shows.

We partner with highly experienced carriers who have been thoroughly vetted

Our selection process involves careful vetting of all carriers we collaborate with. We work with truckers that are experienced, reliable, professional, and trustworthy.

Personal Items are permitted

Choose cross country car transport and you can ship up to 100 pounds of personal items alongside your vehicle. Simply ensure that your personal items are properly secured in a box or suitcase placed in the trunk.

Saves time, and money

When it comes to shipping your car across the country, we've got you covered. Our dedicated shipping advisors will ensure you receive the optimal deal and make all the necessary arrangements. Sit back, relax, and let us take the reins. Discover how effortless cross country car transport can truly be.

Safer than driving

You might like the sound of a road trip, but long hours spent behind the wheel can be stressful, tiring and dangerous. Choosing for this service offers a safer, more cost-effective, time-efficient, and convenient alternative. Moreover, it helps preserve your vehicle by minimizing unnecessary mileage and reducing wear and tear.

How long does it take to ship a car cross-country?

The time duration of shipping a vehicle is affected by multiple factors. The primary factor is the distance involved, as transporting a car from California to Florida naturally takes longer than from Illinois to Texas. Additionally, if your automobile needs to be picked up or delivered to a remote location, the driver will require more time to reach it compared to an urban area. The timeframe can be also affected by the number of stops the driver needs to make during the journey. Additionally, weather conditions can affect the speed of transportation. Factors such as heavy traffic, detours, and road construction may also pose challenges for the carrier to reach faster to your location. Moreover, the driver's hours of operation play a role, as the Department of Transportation mandates a maximum of 70 hours per week to ensure drivers are adequately rested and maintain safety on the road.

When Do We Recommend Cross-Country Car Transport?

When you ship your a vehicle through a professional service like Navi A.T., it’s an easy task. Whether you’re relocating or heading south for the winter or north for the summer, this is the service we recommend. We offer an experience where your vehicle can be picked up from your current residence and safely transported to your new location.

Once we handle your needs, you can proceed with arranging your own travel plans and be there to take delivery when it arrives. Additionally, this convenient auto moving service is ideal for those looking to purchase online.

Frequently asked car shipping questions

How many days is my vehicle shipping quote valid?

Contact our auto shipping consultants or directly get quote from our website. It remains valid for a period of 7 calendar days. The dynamics of the transport industry frequently fluctuate, resulting in weekly variations in rates, and this is the reason for the timeframe. However, there’s no cause for concern as we believe in transparent and fair pricing. We will make every effort to ensure that you receive the most accurate price possible.

What is the payment method the service?

At NAVI Auto Transport, we provide two payment alternatives for our cross country vehicle shipping services – Discounted Price and Regular Price.


Discounted Price: After we have designated a carrier to pick up your vehicle, we collect a partial payment to your credit or debit card. Upon delivery of your vehicle, you will then settle the remaining balance with the driver. This payment can be made using cash, a cashier’s check, or a money order.


Regular Price: The moment we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle, the full payment is processed. This means that you don’t pay anything at the time of delivery.

Am I allowed to ship personal items inside?

You are allowed to ship up to 100lbs of personal items securely stored in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle during the shipping process. Please ensure that these items are appropriately secured within a suitcase or a single box for safe transportation.


You have the option to load additional personal items but it is important to provide the estimated weight of these items during the booking process for. By providing this information, we can calculate an all-inclusive price that covers both the vehicle and the additional personal belongings.


When you ship personal items, there is specific requirements must be followed. The front seats and front seat floorboards must be completely empty, without any personal items. The backseat and backseat floorboards should also be empty and devoid of any personal belongings, unless you have received an all-inclusive rate for items to be placed there.

Does my vehicle have complete insurance coverage during transportation??

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during the entire transportation process. It is insured right from the moment a carrier picks it up and until it’s delivered to your desired location.  We pre-screen every carrier to guarantee that they meet all insurance requirements under the Department of Transport (DOT) regulation. The insurance coverage for your vehicle is determined by its value.


Typically, an open cross country car transport carrier provides cargo insurance coverage ranging from $100,000 to $200,000. An enclosed transport carrier offers a substantially higher insurance coverage, varying between $250,000 and $3,000,000. Carriers’ certificates of insurance can be provided upon request.

Department of Transportation (DOT)

In compliance with regulations, it is strictly prohibited to ship items outside of a vehicle on an open trailer. However, if you choose for an enclosed trailer, you have the opportunity to transport additional items such as an engine, tires, rims or transmission. These items must be properly secured in a crate for safe transportation

What is the First Available Pick-up Date?

The ‘First Available Pick-up Date’ refers to the earliest date when your vehicle is prepared and ready for pick-up. Once we’ve assigned a carrier to your order, we will get in touch with you to verify the specific pick-up date for your shipment.

What is the estimated pick-up time for my car?

From the first available pick-up date the standard shipping window is between 1 to 5 business days. This represents the period during which your vehicle is prepared for pick up.

How far in advance should I book?

Typically, individuals schedule their long-distance auto service approximately 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time. This gives us plenty of time to find and secure a driver for you.


There might be situations where you need to expedite process, and you only have a day or two prior to your preferred pick-up date. In these cases, we can provide a guaranteed pick-up service. We recommend discussing with one of our experienced advisors to clarify the price and timeframe. Once the booking is finalized, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange the final details.

Is it possible to get a quote even if I don't have the exact pick-up and delivery address for car shipping?

Yes, you use our instant online quote calculator to get a free, instant cross country car transport quote. The only details required at this stage are the city/ZIP codes for both the pick-up and drop-off locations. Alternatively, you have the option to discuss your requirements with our cross country car transport shipping advisors over the phone or via email. An exact address is not necessary to receive a quote for cross country car shipping, but you will need to provide this information when you finalize your booking for the cross country vehicle transport service.

You can ship your car with open auto transport or enclosed auto transport.

What is the estimated timeframe for the delivery of my vehicle?

The transit time of our services can vary based on several factors such as road construction, traffic conditions, seasonality, weather conditions, driver schedules, and potential detours. On average, for distances under 200 miles, it usually takes around 1-2 days. However, for distances exceeding 2,000 miles, the estimated delivery time can extend up to 9 days.


Our team of advisors is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and convenient transportation process for your vehicle.  We aim to minimize any potential delays and ensure efficient handling throughout the entire journey.


If there is no time to lose, we offer solutions to accommodate your urgent needs.Our services include options such as express car shipping or a guaranteed pick-up, which expedite the entire shipping process for your convenience.

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