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Reliable Car Transport: Instant Price Estimates

Fast and Accurate Car Shipping Quotes with our AI system

Need to move your car? Our website makes it super easy and quick! With our smart AI system, you get the best prices for shipping your car without waiting. Just tell us a little about your car and where it's going, and our AI does the rest, finding you a great deal fast. It's simple, fast, and reliable. Try it out and see how easy shipping your car can be!

Car Shipping Rates: How Much to Ship Your Car?

Want to know how much it costs to ship your car? Our website makes finding out super simple and quick! With our smart AI, you get accurate prices right away. Just enter your car details and where you want to send it. Our AI checks everything and gives you a great price. On average, it might cost around $0.50 to $1.50 per mile, but it can change based on how far you're going and what kind of service you need. It's easy, fast, and you can trust you're getting a good deal. Try it and see how easy and affordable shipping your car can be!

Average Car Shipping Cost Per Mile

Route Distance

Less than 500 miles
Between 500-2500 miles
Over 2500 miles

Average open carrier coss


Average Enclosed carrier cost


Why Navi Auto Transport?

Reasons that make us the clear choice for transporting your vehicle
No upfront payment required

When it comes to shipping your car across the US, you can book our reliable cross country shipping service without any upfront payment. Our all-inclusive cross country car transport rates ensure there are no hidden costs. Rest assured, we only collect payment once we secure a carrier and dispatch your car for shipping.

Customizable car shipping quote

Recognizing that each individual has unique requirements, we have designed our cross country car transport service to be fully customizable.
Our team of shipping advisors will collaborate closely with you to determine the optimal approach for shipping your car across the country. Additionally, our proficient dispatch, support, and claims departments are available to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery of your shipment.

Around the clock customer support

Our track record in shipping cars across country speaks for itself. Our dedicated shipping advisors are here to answer questions and monitor your shipment. If you need us, don’t hesitate to reach out via email, phone.

Full insurance coverage

Your vehicle is fully insured and secure when you ship your car across country with Navi Auto Transport. Our transparent pricing includes comprehensive insurance coverage and taxes, leaving no room for unexpected expenses. Our all-inclusive prices come with a guarantee of no hidden charges.

Free Cancellation

If you decide you want to cancel your order before we assign a carrier you pay no penalties.However, please note that the small partial payment made at the time of order placement is non-refundable if cancellation occurs after a carrier has been assigned. On a positive note, if you decide to ship a car across country with us again within the next six months, you can use the deposit as credit towards your new shipment.

Transparency Leads the Way

Discover our open and honest approach. Clear service details, pricing, and insurance coverage, ensuring your peace of mind.

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We strive to be one of the best auto transport companies in the US

How to get AI car shipping quote and ship your vehicle

Ship a car across country

1. Get AI car shipping quote

AI makes getting a quote fast and easy! Just enter a few details about your car and its destination. Our AI quickly calculates everything, offering you a competitive rate. The cost varies with distance and service type, ensuring you always get the best deal. It's straightforward, speedy, and designed to give you the best value. Give it a try and see how convenient car shipping can be with our AI.

2. We pick up your vehicle

A little while before your car is supposed to be picked up, the person who will transport your car will call you. They want to make sure your car is ready and go over the pick-up details with you. They'll also check if the pick-up spot is easy for big trucks to get to.

If the first pick-up spot doesn't work out because it's not safe or legal, the transporter will help you find another place that's better. This could be a bigger street close by, a parking lot, or even where you work, whatever works best for you.

They'll also ask if someone will be there to give them the car when they come to pick it up. If you can't be there yourself, you can choose someone you trust who is 18 or older, like a neighbor, family member, friend, or coworker, to do it for you

What is enclosed car transport?

we deliver your car to your door steep - Navi Auto Transport

3. We deliver your vehicle

Right before your car gets to where it's going, we'll call you to tell you it's almost there. If you can't be there to meet it, you can pick someone you trust who is 18 or older, like a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor, to pick it up for you.
When the vehicle arrives, you'll have a chance to look it over and make sure everything is okay. After that, you'll need to sign a paper called the Bill of Lading to say you got your car.

If you picked the Discounted Price option, you'll need to pay the final amount in cash, with a cashier's check, or a money order when your car is delivered. But if you chose the Regular Price option, there's no extra payment when your car arrives.

Ready to get a car shipping quote with Navi Auto Transport?

We pick up your vehicle from your front door

Finding Affordable Auto Transport Rates

Our AI car shipping calculator quickly figures out the cost of moving your car by looking at things like when you want to move it, how far it's going, and more. This way, you get an exact price for shipping your car. Our smart calculator makes sure you always get the best price.

Understanding the full cost to ship a car can be tricky, but our online calculator makes it easy. You'll get a clear and fair price that includes everything that affects the cost of moving your car at that time.

Looking for the smartest and most affordable way to ship your car without any surprise charges? That's what we promise to offer you at Navi Auto Transport.

Get Fast Auto Transport Information

Looking for quick and reliable auto transport information? You're in the right place! Our service is designed to provide you with fast, accurate, and comprehensive details on shipping your vehicle. Whether you need to move a car across the state or across the country, we've got you covered. Our platform is user-friendly, making it easy for you to get all the information you need in just a few clicks. From instant quotes to detailed guides on preparing your vehicle for transport, we ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Trust us to help you navigate the world of auto transport effortlessly.

Your Instant Guide to Auto Shipping

Get Fast Auto Shipping Rate Quotes

Quick Quotes for Auto Shipping

At Navi Auto Transport, we care a lot about keeping your information safe and not wasting your time. We only ask for the details we really need to give you accurate and free quotes for moving your car. With our AI calculator, you can get your car shipping quote and book your transport online whenever you want, without having to pay anything first. Our main job is to move cars and be the best at it, not to gather unnecessary information. This shows how much we value being a simple and honest car shipping service.

Why should you use our AI Car Shipping Calculator

Using our AI Car Shipping Calculator is the smart choice for anyone planning to transport a vehicle. Here's why:

Get Quotes Fast: Our smart calculator gives you a quick price for moving your car. No waiting for emails or calls. See your quote right away.

Easy to Use: Our tool is simple. Just put in where you're sending your car from and to, what your car is like, how you want to move it, and when. A few clicks and you'll know how much it might cost.

Accurate Prices: Our smart calculator is really good at figuring out costs. It uses your details to give you a price that fits just what you need.

Plan Your Money: With our instant quotes, you can figure out your budget ahead of time. No surprises with costs.

Clear Costs: We're all about being open with you. Our calculator shows you exactly what you're paying for.

No Extra Charges: The price we give you is full and clear. You won't find any hidden fees when it's time to move your car.

Get Fast Auto Shipping Rate Quotes

Using Navi Auto Transport AI auto shipping calculator

Our quick AI car shipping calculator gives you exact prices right away by looking at important things that affect the cost of moving your car. It thinks about everything that might change how much you pay to ship your car.

Now, figuring out how much it will cost to ship your car is super easy. Just do these four simple steps to get the car shipping quotes you need from our online calculator

Three easy steps to get a car shipping quote

Provide Pickup and Delivery Details
Provide Vehicle Make and Model
Select Open or Enclosed Trailer

Exploring Car Transport Prices Across Seasons

shipping a car in winter

Transporting a Car in Winter

Our fast AI car shipping calculator gets you accurate prices quickly by considering all the key factors that impact the cost of transporting your car. It takes into account everything that could affect how much you'll spend to ship your car.

Finding out the cost to ship your car is now really simple. Just follow these four easy steps to get the car shipping quotes you need from our online calculator.

Transporting a Car in Spring

Early spring is a great time to use professional car shipping services. The weather gets better, there's more daylight, and more drivers are available to move your car.

March – Car shipping prices usually stay low with most companies until the end of the month. That's when lots of people start moving back north for the warmer weather.

April and May – During these months, more people want to ship their cars from the south to the north. This can cause delays because so many people are doing it at the same time. Because of this high demand, the cost to ship cars, whether using open or closed carriers, might go up.

Transporting a Car in Spring

Transporting a Car in Summer

Transporting a Car in Summer

Summer is the busiest time for moving cars. Whether you need a service that uses an open trailer or a covered one, a lot of people are looking to move their cars during these months. Schools are ending, people are moving for jobs, and many are planning vacations. The good news is, because so many companies are trying to offer their services, the prices for shipping cars might actually go down.

June, July, and August – These months are all very busy for car shipping, with lots of demand and plenty of drivers ready to transport cars in both open and enclosed trailers. This means that the prices for shipping cars don't change much from month to month, whether you're sending your car across the country or just to a different state

Transporting a Car in Fall

Fall brings cooler weather and more available drivers than summer, making it a bit cheaper to ship your car. It's not as cheap as the late winter, but it's still a good time to contact a car shipping company if you need to move a vehicle.

September – Prices might go up a bit because many college students are sending their cars to school.

October and November – These months are usually quieter, with lots of transporters ready to move your car at good prices. You might even get a better deal on shipping your car in a covered trailer during these months.

Transporting a Car in Fall

Common Questions About Car Transport

What's the Cost for Shipping Your Car?

Figuring out how much it costs to transport your car isn’t easy. It depends on things like what kind of car you have, if it’s big or small, if you want it in an open auto transport carrier or enclosed auto transport carrier, how valuable it is, and how far it needs to go. When you need professionals to move your car, the price can change based on these factors and more.

To get an accurate idea of how much it’ll cost to ship your car, you should use our AI online car shipping quote calculator. It gives you a price estimate that’s customized to your specific needs. We want to make sure our car delivery service fits your requirements, and the cost is determined by what you need.

Key Details Required for Our AI Online Car Calculator

Our AI car transport quote calculator is privacy-focused. We don’t ask for any personal details like where you live until you’re ready to book your vehicle shipment. And the best part? There’s no reservation fee!

To get an estimate for your car shipping costs, all you have to do is provide a few details. This includes where you want us to pick up and drop off your vehicle, what kind of car it is, some basic info about its condition and value, and if you want it transported in a enclosed carrier. Once you’ve entered all of this, you’ll get your car shipping quote in just a few seconds.

Seasonal Impact on Car Transporter Costs

Yes, the cost of using car transporters can vary depending on the time of year. Several factors come into play, such as driver availability, delivery convenience, weather conditions, and the demand for car shipping services. These factors can either increase or decrease car shipping rates.

When you use our AI car shipping calculator, you’ll get a range of quotes that consider everything, including the current season and any special circumstances. Generally, shipping a car during summer and winter may be a bit pricier due to driver availability and higher demand. On the other hand, moving a car might be more affordable during the fall and spring.

To find out more, try our AI online car shipping calculator right away!

Do I have an obligation to pay car shipping costs if I use an AI online car shipping calculator?

No, you won’t have to pay anything for using our online AI car transport quote calculator. It’s a free tool designed to give you quick estimates for car shipping costs. There are no charges for using our calculator.

Even if you decide to ship your car with us, there’s no reservation fee. And if you choose not to use our service, your vehicle shipping quote remains completely free. You won’t have to pay anything.

Our AI car shipping cost calculator helps you understand auto shipping expenses without any hidden fees. You can confidently plan your vehicle shipment without worrying about unexpected costs.


AI Car Shipping Calculator: What Does It Include in the Cost?

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your car shipping cost is by using our AI car shipping calculator. Our innovative calculator considers important factors related to shipping, ensuring an accurate estimate of your car moving service cost.

Each time you use our calculator, you’ll receive two instant prices, all tailored to your specific auto shipping requirements. Navi Auto Transport’s AI online car shipping cost calculator simplifies the process of getting vehicle shipping quotes, making it easy to understand.

Whether you need to estimate your car shipping price in the morning, during the day, or at night, we’re here to assist you.

Choosing the Right Method for Vehicle Shipping

The most reliable way to have your vehicle shipped is by relying on a reputable professional auto transport provider like Navi Auto Transport. Attempting to transport a vehicle on your own can lead to hidden expenses, including fuel, meals, accommodations, and potential wear and tear on your car. Not to mention the considerable time it takes to drive your car across state lines or across the country.

This is where leading professional auto shipping companies, such as Navi Auto Transport, come into play, saving you both time and money. When you choose to transport your car with a premium auto shipping service like Navi, you can access efficient open and enclosed transport options that align with your schedule and budget.

Estimating the Cost for Car Relocation

Your car transport quote is just one part of the larger picture when it comes to moving costs. Fortunately, Navi Auto Transport doesn’t stop at offering car transport quotes. We collaborate closely with moving companies nationwide, gathering estimated moving expenses for our AI moving cost calculator.

By combining data from our vehicle shipping calculator with information from top movers in your area, our moving cost calculator becomes the perfect tool for planning your next move. With it, you can obtain a car transport quote, explore options for storage and pod rental services, and compare prices from nearby moving companies.

While other auto transport companies focus solely on shipping cars, Navi Auto Transport is here to move people like you at a price that fits your budget.

Cost-Saving Tips for Car Shipping

Are you searching for budget-friendly car shipping options? Look no further! At Navi Auto Transport, we believe in providing clear information to help you make informed decisions. The car transport industry experiences changes in demand and driver availability, leading to fluctuations in car shipping prices from day to day and month to month.

Additionally, shipping a non-operational vehicle or choosing enclosed car transport services can increase your expenses. To save money, consider open auto transport services, ensure your car is in working condition, and maintain flexibility with your scheduling.

If you’re seeking instant online quotes tailored to a tight budget, make use of our AI car shipping estimate calculator. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the potential savings on your overall auto transport costs!

What Are the Fees for Shipping Your Car?

Different vehicle shipping companies have varying rates, and they provide different quotes for the same customers. It’s important to understand that not all auto shipping companies are the same. To estimate the total cost of moving your car, you need to obtain a car transport quote from a specific auto shipping company.

At Navi Auto Transport, we make it incredibly easy to secure accurate auto shipping quotes. Just visit our AI car shipping calculator, provide some details about your car transport needs, and within seconds, you’ll receive a list of two precise transport rates. You don’t need to pay a reservation fee to lock in your auto shipping costs and initiate the car shipping process.

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