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Reasons to choose one of the top-rated auto shipping companies:

No payment upfront

Indeed, you understood correctly – no upfront payment is needed! Auto transport companies, such as Navi Auto Transport, only proceeds with a payment once the carrier has been dispatched. This means you can book your vehicle transport now, and handle the payment later. When you choose to ship your car with us, there's no advance payment to stress over.

Full insurance coverage

Auto shipping companies incorporate insurance coverage in your transport quote. Our chosen carriers must comply with insurance regulations before being eligible to join our distinguished network of haulers. We have a dedicated department that verifies every carrier that we work with.

Get instant car shipping quotes nationwide

Whether you're transporting a car across the country or to a nearby state, our auto transport cost calculations are quicker than any other car moving company.

Personal advisors

Our dedicated team of auto transport advisors is committed to guaranteeing that you're engaging with the best vehicle shipping company. They will continuously supervise your shipment to ensure smooth delivery.

Customizable Car Transport Services

Our auto transport services are fully customizable to accommodate your unique needs. Our dedicated shipping advisors work closely with you to provide the best transportation solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Here is why to choose Navi Auto Transport rather than driving your vehicle?

Choosing Navi Auto Transport over driving your vehicle brings many benefits. It protects your car from unnecessary wear and tear associated with long drives, saves you considerable time and energy, and provides you with a professional, reliable service.

With Navi, your vehicle is in the hands of experienced professionals and is fully insured. We strive to make the transportation experience as never before.

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Most common auto transport services

Our auto transport services accommodate all of your vehicle, destination, and protection needs. The most common auto transport services

Car shipping solutions for every need

Covering needs from home relocation, vacation travel, online car purchases, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I place personal belongings in the car?

You’re allowed to place personal belongings up to 100 lbs inside a box or a single piece of luggage. It can be stored in the car’s trunk during transportation. If you want to place more, please call us at (302) 205-2271

Does my vehicle have insurance coverage during transport?

Yes, during the transport, your vehicle will fall under the carrier’s cargo insurance. In addition to this, we have our own cargo insurance. This protects you for up to $250,000 if, for some reason, the trucker’s policy doesn’t fully cover a valid claim.

When is the vehicle going to be picked-up?

Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll search our network of car carriers to find the best possible trucker to transport your vehicle. Our dispatch department will provide an estimated time for the pickup. The trucker will call you at least 24 h to schedule convenient pick up time for you.

When can I expect my vehicle to be delivered?

Upon placing an order, you will be given an estimated timeframe for your vehicle’s transit. This will give a rough window when your car should be delivered. Bear in mind, transit times vary based on the moving distance. With each delivery being unique, there is a chance that your vehicle might arrive sooner than the provided estimated transit time. We also can give you custom quote, just give us a call at (302) 205-2271

How much ahead of time should I book a vehicle transportation service?

Typically, customers book their car shipping service about 1 to 2 weeks prior. This helps us promptly locate and confirm your vehicle transport service. However, if you’re pressed for time and only have a day or two before your desired pick-up date, we can provide a guaranteed pick-up service. We suggest consulting with one of our top auto transport advisors to clarify the price and timeframe. After finalizing the car shipping booking, we will get in touch with you to arrange the remaining details.

Is it possible to receive a quote even if I don't have the exact pick-up and delivery addresses for the car shipping?

Yes, you can get a free instant car transport quote using our online calculator, though it requires the pick-up and delivery city or ZIP codes. You can also chat with our auto transport shipping advisors via a phone call or Live Chat. The exact address isn’t necessary for getting a car shipping quote, but it will be required when you finalize your auto transport service booking.

What are the methods of payment for my vehicle transportation service?

Discounted Price: Once we’ve arranged for a carrier to pick up your vehicle, a small portion of the payment is deducted from your credit or debit card. The remaining balance is then paid to the driver upon delivery of your car. This balance can be paid in cash, by a cashier’s check, or with a money order.


Regular Cost: The full payment is made at the time we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle. There will be no outstanding balance to be paid at the time your vehicle is delivered.

What is the meaning of "First Available Pick-up Date"?

The “First Available Pick-up Date” is the day your vehicle is ready and available for pick-up. Once we’ve assigned a car shipping carrier for your vehicle, we will determine the precise date for your car’s transportation.

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