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    To start, contact us with details such as your pickup and delivery locations, vehicle type, and any special requirements to receive a quote. Review the quote and confirm the transport by booking your order and completing the necessary paperwork.

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    Vehicle Pickup by Our Team

    On the scheduled pickup date, our professional driver will arrive at the designated location. We’ll inspect your vehicle, load it onto our transport truck, and ensure everything is secured for the journey.

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    Delivery and Vehicle Inspection

    Once your vehicle arrives at the delivery location, we’ll get in touch to arrange a convenient time for drop-off. Upon receiving your vehicle, inspect it to confirm it’s in the same condition as when it was picked up, and then sign off on the delivery.

Why choose Navi Auto Transport for vehicle shipping

Personalized Vehicle Shipping with No Upfront Payments

Full insurance coverage

One of the most crucial aspects of vehicle shipping is ensuring your car's safety throughout the journey. We offer full insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is protected against any potential damage during transit. This comprehensive coverage means that in the unlikely event of an incident, your car is fully insured, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Customizable Services

Understanding that every customer has unique needs, we provide customizable services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require open or enclosed transport, door-to-door delivery, or specific pickup and drop-off times, this flexibility ensures that your vehicle shipping experience is tailored to your needs, providing maximum convenience and satisfaction.

Personal advisors

Navigating the complexities of vehicle shipping can be daunting, but with personal advisors available to assist you at every step of the process, from initial consultation to final delivery, you don't have to go through it alone. Our dedicated advisors offer expert guidance, answer any questions, and ensure that your shipping experience is smooth and stress-free.

No payment upfront

Valuing customer trust and confidence, we require no payment upfront. You only pay once your vehicle has been successfully dispatched to transporter, we are ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the service before making any financial commitment. This policy underscores that we commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Most common shipping services

Our services accommodate all of your vehicle, destination, and protection needs

open auto transport

Open Car Transport

Open car transport is the most common and cost-effective method for shipping vehicles. Cars are loaded onto an open trailer, typically with two levels, allowing for the transport of multiple vehicles at once. This method exposes vehicles to weather elements and road debris but is widely used due to its affordability and efficiency. It’s ideal for standard, everyday vehicles that don’t require extra protection.

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Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport provides a higher level of protection for vehicles by placing them in a fully enclosed trailer. This method shields cars from weather conditions, dirt, and debris, making it the preferred choice for luxury, classic, or exotic vehicles. While more expensive than open transport, enclosed car transport ensures that vehicles arrive in pristine condition, offering peace of mind for owners of high-value or delicate cars.

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Enclosed car shipping with Navi auto transport

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Florida Auto Transport

Florida auto transport services cater to individuals and businesses needing to ship vehicles to or from the Sunshine State. With a network of reliable carriers, these services ensure safe and efficient vehicle transportation across Florida’s major cities and rural areas. Whether you’re relocating, purchasing a new car, or sending a vehicle to a seasonal residence, Florida auto transport provides both open and enclosed options to meet your needs. Navi auto transport can help with this, offering expert solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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California Auto Shipping

California auto shipping specializes in the transportation of vehicles to and from the Golden State. Given California’s vast size and diverse terrain, these services are equipped to handle everything from city deliveries in Los Angeles and San Francisco to rural drop-offs in the Sierra Nevada. Offering both open and enclosed transport, California auto shipping ensures timely and secure delivery of cars, motorcycles, and even RVs, accommodating the unique demands of the state's residents

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New York Auto Shipping

New York auto shipping services are designed to transport vehicles efficiently within the bustling state of New York. From the urban density of New York City to the suburban and rural areas upstate, these services provide reliable solutions for individuals moving, buying, or selling vehicles. New York auto shipping includes both open and enclosed transport options, catering to a wide range of vehicles and ensuring they arrive at their destination safely and on schedule.

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Frequently asked questions

Find out about our vehicle shipping services

Can I place personal belongings in the truck?

You’re allowed to place personal belongings up to 100 lbs inside a box or a single piece of luggage. It can be stored in the car’s trunk during transportation. If you want to place more. Check out the car shipping cost

Does my vehicle have insurance coverage during transit?

Yes, during transit, your vehicle will fall under the carrier’s cargo insurance. In addition to this, we have our own cargo insurance. This protects you for up to $250,000 if, for some reason, the trucker’s policy doesn’t fully cover a valid claim.

When is the vehicle going to be picked-up?

Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll search our network of car haulers to find the best possible trucker to ship your vehicle. Our dispatch department will provide an estimated time for the pickup. The company will call you at least 24 h to schedule convenient pick up time for you.

When can I expect my vehicle to be delivered?

Upon placing an order, you will be given an estimated timeframe for your vehicle’s transit. This will give a rough window when it should be delivered. Bear in mind, transit times vary based on the moving distance. With each delivery being unique, there is a chance that your vehicle might arrive sooner than the provided estimated transit time. We also can give you custom quote, just give us a call.

How much ahead of time should I book a vehicle transportation service?

Typically, customers book their shipping service about 1 to 2 weeks prior. This helps us promptly locate and confirm your truck driver. However, if you’re pressed for time and only have a day or two before your desired pick-up date, we can provide a guaranteed pick-up service. We suggest consulting with one of our top car hauling companies to clarify the price and timeframe. After finalizing the booking, we will get in touch with you to arrange the remaining details.

Is it possible to receive a quote even if I don't have the exact pick-up and delivery addresses for the car shipping?

Yes, you can get a free instant shipping quote using our online cost calculator, though it requires the pick-up and delivery city or ZIP codes. You can also chat with our advisors via a phone call. The exact address isn’t necessary for getting shipping quote, but it will be required when you finalize your booking.

What are the methods of payment for my vehicle transportation service?

Discounted Price: Once we’ve arranged for a carrier to pick up your vehicle, a small portion of the payment is deducted from your credit or debit card. The remaining balance is then paid to the driver upon delivery. This balance can be paid in cash, by a cashier’s check, or with a money order.


Regular Cost: The full payment is made at the time we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle. There will be no outstanding balance to be paid at the time your vehicle is delivered.

What is the meaning of "First Available Pick-up Date"?

The “First Available Pick-up Date” is the day your vehicle is ready and available for pick-up. Once we’ve assigned a carrier for your vehicle, we will determine the precise date for pick up.

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