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We pick up your vehicle

The dispatched agent will contact you a few hours before the driver arrives at your location. If you cannot release the vehicle, we will try to find a new auto transporter.

We deliver your vehicle

The auto shipping carrier will get in touch a few hours before arriving at your location . Usually, they provide a few hours notice, the reason for that is to make sure you’re able to received your vehicle.

Why choose NAVI for vehicle shipping

Full insurance coverage

Shipping companies incorporate insurance coverage in your quote. Our chosen carriers must comply with insurance regulations before being eligible to join our distinguished network of transporter. We have a dedicated department that verifies every carrier that we work with.

Customizable Services

Our transporting services are fully customizable to accommodate your needs. Our dedicated shipping advisors work closely with you to provide the best shipping solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Personal advisors

Our dedicated team of advisors are committed to guaranteeing that you're engaging with the best vehicle shipping company. They will continuously supervise your shipment to ensure smooth delivery.

No payment upfront

No upfront payment is needed! We proceed with a payment once the carrier has been dispatched. This means you can book your vehicle shipment now, and handle the payment later.

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Most common services

Our services accommodate all of your vehicle, destination, and protection needs.
Open Auto Transport

This service provides cost-effectiveness, flexibility, speed, and efficiency. It's the most common choice for shipping vehicles. Your vehicle is loaded in a truck and trailer. Despite the trailer being open on all sides, this transport process remains completely safe and secure. This service is simple to coordinate, ensures a delivery to your doorstep as long as accessible for big trucks.

Ship a Car Across Country

Shipping a vehicle across the country refers to the transportation of a vehicle across the nation, from one state to another. It could involve shipping a car from the north point to the south, from the east coast to the west. Typically, east-to-west cross-country covers 2,000 miles or more, while a north-to-south route is around 1,300 to 1,500 miles.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Shipping your vehicle with an enclosed trailer is protected on all sides from the elements, dust, and rock debris. If you own a new, classic, luxurious, top-tier, custom-made, antique, or vintage vehicle. Enclosed trailer is for you.

Express Shipping Service

We handle your shipment with care and professionalism, offering priority support. We aim to dispatch your vehicle within 24 hours or you can choose a pickup date that suits you and our auto carrier will pick it up.

Door to Door service

Door-To-Door transportation is the most common service. We strive to pick up your vehicle from a location near your choice and deliver it as closely as possible to your doorstep within the United States. This eliminates the need for you to commute to a pick-up point, We thrive to provide experience as never before by taking care of shipping your car to your door.

Guaranteed Pick-Up Service

When time is critical and you require a specific day for your car to be picked up, our guaranteed pick-up service is here for you. This service offers a 24-hour pick-up window from Monday through Friday.

Shipping solutions for every need

We offer shipping service from home relocation, vacation travel, online purchases, or moving to another state
Military Auto Shipping

You need an experienced military vehicle shipping company that you can trust to handle your relocation. Navi have shipped many military vehicles. Get a military shipping discount today.

College Car Shipping

Are your children heading off to college? Sending a vehicle to their location is simple, and we provide exclusive rates and discounts for students. Do you want to know how much does it cost to ship a vehicle to your college. Get an instant quote now.

Classic And Luxury Shipping

Do you own a classic or luxury vehicle? Our exclusive door-to-door, enclosed car hauling service protects your beautiful car from pick up to delivery.

Motorcycle Shipping Services

We'll ship your motorcycle it from A to B. Our motorcycle shipping services are designed with your needs in mind, offering convenient door-to-door delivery. Consider our enclosed motorcycle option.

Car Relocation Service

There's no need to worry about getting your vehicle to your new location. Just reach out to us, and we'll ship it quickly. If you own multiple vehicles, we can also arrange multiple vehicle shipments, making the process as simple as moving a single shipment.

Snowbirds Car Shipping

Whether you're seeking the warmth of the south in winter or the pleasant summers up north, there's no need to leave your automobile behind. No need to drive hours or days, we will pick up your vehicle safely. Simply hop on a plane and leave the rest to us. Don't forget to ask about our special snowbird discounts.

Get Your Vehicle Anywhere in the USA

We aim to deliver 5 start customer service
Florida Auto Transport

Transporting to and from the sunshine state. Get a shipping cost and move your vehicle. You can choice your trailer.

Illinois Auto Transport

Shipping to and from IL state. We work only with premium carriers based. Get a price from our AI cost calculator.

California Auto Shipping

Shipping to and from the gold state. Book your shipment today and one of our fast auto shipping carriers will pick up ASAP.

New York Auto Shipping

Shipping to and from the empire state. We work only with fully insurance open or enclosed haulers. It will take 1-2 minutes to check your rate.

Frequently asked questions

Can I place personal belongings in the truck?

You’re allowed to place personal belongings up to 100 lbs inside a box or a single piece of luggage. It can be stored in the car’s trunk during transportation. If you want to place more. Check out the car shipping cost

Does my vehicle have insurance coverage during transit?

Yes, during transit, your vehicle will fall under the carrier’s cargo insurance. In addition to this, we have our own cargo insurance. This protects you for up to $250,000 if, for some reason, the trucker’s policy doesn’t fully cover a valid claim.

When is the vehicle going to be picked-up?

Once you’ve placed an order, we’ll search our network of car haulers to find the best possible trucker to ship your vehicle. Our dispatch department will provide an estimated time for the pickup. The company will call you at least 24 h to schedule convenient pick up time for you.

When can I expect my vehicle to be delivered?

Upon placing an order, you will be given an estimated timeframe for your vehicle’s transit. This will give a rough window when it should be delivered. Bear in mind, transit times vary based on the moving distance. With each delivery being unique, there is a chance that your vehicle might arrive sooner than the provided estimated transit time. We also can give you custom quote, just give us a call.

How much ahead of time should I book a vehicle transportation service?

Typically, customers book their shipping service about 1 to 2 weeks prior. This helps us promptly locate and confirm your truck driver. However, if you’re pressed for time and only have a day or two before your desired pick-up date, we can provide a guaranteed pick-up service. We suggest consulting with one of our top car hauling companies to clarify the price and timeframe. After finalizing the booking, we will get in touch with you to arrange the remaining details.

Is it possible to receive a quote even if I don't have the exact pick-up and delivery addresses for the car shipping?

Yes, you can get a free instant shipping quote using our online cost calculator, though it requires the pick-up and delivery city or ZIP codes. You can also chat with our advisors via a phone call. The exact address isn’t necessary for getting shipping quote, but it will be required when you finalize your booking.

What are the methods of payment for my vehicle transportation service?

Discounted Price: Once we’ve arranged for a carrier to pick up your vehicle, a small portion of the payment is deducted from your credit or debit card. The remaining balance is then paid to the driver upon delivery. This balance can be paid in cash, by a cashier’s check, or with a money order.


Regular Cost: The full payment is made at the time we assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle. There will be no outstanding balance to be paid at the time your vehicle is delivered.

What is the meaning of "First Available Pick-up Date"?

The “First Available Pick-up Date” is the day your vehicle is ready and available for pick-up. Once we’ve assigned a carrier for your vehicle, we will determine the precise date for pick up.

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