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Reasons to choose one of the top-rated auto shipping companies in Florida

Customizable Car Transport Services

Our auto transport services are completely adaptable to suit your individual requirements. Our committed shipping advisors collaborate closely with you to deliver the finest transportation solution tailored to your budget and needs, especially for customers in Florida.

No payment upfront

You've got it right – there's no need for an upfront payment! Florida auto transport services, like those offered by Navi Auto Transport, will only require payment once the carrier has been dispatched. This means you can schedule your vehicle transport to or from Florida today and take care of the payment at a later time. When you choose to ship your car with us for Florida auto transport, there's no need to worry about making an advance payment.

Get instant car shipping quotes nationwide

Whether you're transporting a car within Florida or to a neighboring state, our Florida auto transport cost calculations are faster than any other car moving company.

Full insurance coverage

Florida auto shipping companies include insurance coverage in your transport quote. Our selected carriers must adhere to insurance regulations before becoming part of our esteemed network of haulers. We maintain a dedicated department that meticulously verifies every carrier we collaborate with to ensure your vehicle's safety during the transportation process.

Auto Shipping Across Florida

What is the typical timeframe for car transportation to or from Florida?

The typical timeframe for car transportation to or from Florida can vary due to several factors:

  1. Seasonal Demand: The time it takes may be influenced by seasonal fluctuations in transportation demand.
  2. Distance: The overall distance your vehicle needs to travel plays a significant role in the duration of the journey.
  3. Traffic Conditions: Traffic congestion along the route can impact transit times.
  4. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions along the transportation route, especially in Florida with its varying weather patterns, can affect the schedule.
  5. Roadwork or Construction: Any ongoing roadwork or construction along the route can lead to delays.

What is the pricing for car shipping in Florida?

When it comes to pricing your Florida car shipment, several key factors play a crucial role:

  1. Pickup and Delivery Locations: We prioritize convenience for you by considering the locations for pickup and delivery.
  2. Shipping Dates: We work to accommodate your schedule by considering your chosen shipping dates.
  3. Total Distance: The distance your vehicle will travel within or from Florida is a significant factor in pricing.
  4. Open or Enclosed Transport: Your preference for either open or enclosed auto transport is taken into account.
  5. Vehicle Details: Detailed information about your vehicle is essential to provide an accurate estimate.
Door-to-Door Car Transport in Florida

Door-to-Door Car Transport in Florida

Transporting a Car FROM Florida

Our extensive network of car carriers enables us to transport vehicles not only within Florida but also across its borders. We specialize in orchestrating the transportation of various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, exotic and collector vehicles, electric cars, and ATVs.

Florida California 6-9 days $990 – $1200
Florida Washington 6-9 days $1370 – $1680
Florida Texas 3-5 days $790 – $920
Florida New York 3-4 days $870 – $1270
Florida Illinois 3-5 days $820 – $1140

Transporting a Car TO Florida

Whether you’re expanding your classic car collection, embarking on a new job opportunity, or a service member with relocation orders, shipping a vehicle to Florida is made easy with our services. We’ve assisted thousands of customers in transporting their cars to Florida. If you’re looking to get a cost estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or use our website’s quote calculator.

California Florida 6-9 days $1175 – $1450
Washington Florida 6-9 days $1350 – $1510
Texas Florida 3-5 days $700 – $825
New York Florida 3-4 days $750 – $1010
Illinois Florida 3-5 days $790 – $1240
calculate the cost for shipping a car to and from Florida

What's the process for Navi Auto Transport's car shipping services in Florida?

We pick up your vehicle

We deliver your vehicle

Here is why to choose Navi Auto Transport service in Florida

In various situations, you may find the need for local car shipping services within Florida. Whether you're sending a vehicle to a family member, completing a long-distance purchase, or relocating for work, Navi Auto Transport is your reliable choice for all your Florida vehicle shipping requirements. With full licensing and insurance, Navi ensures the safe transport of your vehicle not just within Florida but also to and from any state across the country. If you'd like to discover more, don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email.

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Auto Transport Services Offered by Navi Auto Transport in Florida

When you schedule car shipping to or from Florida with us, we can arrange pickup and delivery anywhere within the state.
City, FL Auto Transport Services Zip Codes & Surrounding Areas
Cape Coral Car Shipping Services 33908, 33912, 33907, 33919, 33914, 33904 & surrounding areas
Coral Springs Auto Transport Services 33063, 33065, 33067, 33071, 33073, 33076 & surrounding area
Fort Lauderdale Auto Hauling Services 33004, 33301, 33304, 33305, 33306, 33308, 33309, 33311, 33312, 33315, 33316, 33317, 33319, 33334 & surrounding areas
Hialeah Car Transport Services 33010, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33016, 33018, 33142, 33147 & surrounding area
Hollywood Auto Shipping Services 33004, 33009, 33019, 33020, 33021, 33023, 33024, 33312, 33314, 33316 & surrounding area
Jacksonville Car Transport Services 32073, 32202, 32204, 32205, 32206, 32207, 32208, 32209, 32210, 32211, 32212, 32216, 32217, 32218, 32219, 32220, 32221, 32222, 32223, 32224, 32225, 32226, 32227, 32228, 32233, 32234, 32244, 32246, 32250, 32254, 32256, 32257, 32258, 32277 & surrounding areas
Miami Auto Transport Services 33101, 33109, 33125, 33126, 33127, 33128, 33129, 33130, 33131, 33132, 33133, 33134, 33135, 33136, 33137, 33138, 33139, 33142, 33144, 33145, 33146, 33147, 33149, 33150 & surrounding areas
City, FL Auto Transport Services Zip Codes & Surrounding Areas
Miramar Car Shipping Services 33023, 33025, 33027, 33029 & surrounding area
Port St. Lucie Car Hauling Services 34945, 34952, 34953, 34957, 34982, 34983, 34984, 34986, 34987, 34990, 34994 & surrounding areas
Orlando Car Shipping Services 32789, 32801, 32803, 32804, 32805, 32806, 32807, 32808, 32809, 32810, 32811, 32812, 32814, 32819, 32822, 32824, 32827, 32829, 32832, 32835, 32839 & surrounding areas
Pembroke Pines Car Transportation Services 33023, 33024, 33025, 33026, 33027, 33028, 33029, 33330, 33331, 33332 & surrounding areas
St. Petersburg Auto Shipping Services 33701, 33702, 33703, 33704, 33705, 33707, 33709, 33710, 33711, 33712, 33713, 33714, 33715, 33716, 33762, 33782 & surrounding areas
Sunrise Car Hauling Services 33313, 33319, 33322, 33323, 33325, 33326, 33351 & surrounding areas
Tallahassee Auto Shipping Services 32301, 32303, 32304, 32305, 32308, 32309, 32310, 32311, 32312, 32317, 32399 & surrounding areas
Tampa Car Hauling Services 33602, 33603, 33604, 33605, 33606, 33607, 33609, 33610, 33611, 33612, 33613, 33614, 33615, 33616, 33617, 33618, 33619, 33620, 33621, 33629, 33634, 33635, 33637, 33647 & surrounding areas

Ready to schedule auto transportation services in Florida?

Whether you’re at the initial stages of exploring auto transport services in Florida or haven’t determined your moving date yet, now is the ideal moment to request a car shipping estimate from Navi Auto Transport. You can easily obtain an instant quote by inputting your pickup and drop-off locations, vehicle type, and other relevant information into our online rate calculator. If you have any questions regarding the car shipping process or specific details about your estimate, feel free to get in touch with a Navi Auto Transport shipping advisor

Eight Key Tips for a Successful Move to Florida

Plan Ahead

Start your preparations well in advance. Create a moving timeline, make a checklist of tasks, and set specific deadlines. Planning ahead will help you stay organized and reduce stress as your moving day approaches

Choose the Right Location

Florida is a diverse state with various cities and regions, each offering a unique lifestyle. Research and choose a location that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s a coastal city, suburban community, or urban center.

Consider the Weather

Florida is known for its warm and humid climate. Be prepared for hot summers and the possibility of hurricanes during hurricane season. Invest in hurricane-proofing your home and have a plan in place for severe weather events.

Budget Wisely

Florida’s cost of living can vary significantly depending on your chosen location. Create a realistic budget that includes housing costs, insurance, transportation, and other expenses. Consider factors like property taxes and homeowners’ insurance rates.

Prepare for Outdoor Living

Florida’s climate allows for plenty of outdoor activities. Embrace the lifestyle by investing in outdoor furniture, recreational gear, and considering a property with outdoor amenities. Be mindful of sun protection and mosquito control.

Open car Transport

An open trailer is a reliable and cost-effective choice commonly utilized for car shipping in Florida. It provides efficiency and ease of loading and unloading. However, it’s essential to be aware that vehicles transported via open trailers are exposed to Florida’s weather and road conditions, which can lead to the expected accumulation of dirt during transit.

Enclosed car Transport

Enclosed car transport is the ideal choice for classic, exotic, and luxury cars in Florida. It’s particularly suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance, which may require a hydraulic lift gate or ramp for safe loading onto the truck. Enclosed transport ensures your vehicle’s protection from Florida’s diverse weather conditions and road hazards, offering added peace of mind when shipping your cherished possession.

Explore Job Opportunities

If you’re moving for work, research the job market in your chosen area of Florida. Ensure you have secure employment or a plan for job hunting before making the move. Florida offers diverse career opportunities in various industries.

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