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We go above and beyond with our snowbird service

What is snowbird?

It is used by people traveling down to southern states such as Florida for the winter months. It offers a cost-effective solution to avoid the expenses, time, and inconvenience of driving, while also minimizing wear and tear on vehicles. It saves time, and money.

Is snowbird shipping a preferable option over driving?

Yes, It’s more secure and much safer than driving long distances in your vehicle Additionally, you can save money by avoiding frequent refueling, and it helps to minimize wear and tear on your vehicle.

Who needs snowbird services?

This service is suitable for people who don't want to drive their own vehicle and can use snowbird shipping services. Our snowbird auto service is also great for those who want to take a quick trip down south and don’t want the hassle of renting or buying a vehicle. If you plan to buy a new vehicle during your time away, snowbird auto service can efficiently bring it back home with you.

What is the typical cost of snowbird shipping services?

The cost of snowbird varies based on various factors such as the vehicle type, distance of transportation, and the chosen service. If you want to know the cost, use our instant online cost calculator.

We go above and beyond with our snowbird shipping service

Efficient and secure service in three simple steps.

1. Get a quote and book an order

Get a free instant quote in seconds with our online calculator. Provide basic information like pickup and delivery locations (city and state), vehicle details (year, make, model, and current condition), type, and earliest shipping date. Our quote covers everything with no hidden fees or additional costs for insurance and taxes. We offer door-to-door service.

For Discounted Cash Price orders, a partial amount will be collected once we have a driver, and the rest paid upon delivery in cash, cashier's check, or money order. For Regular Price orders, the full amount is collected when the driver is assigned to ship your vehicle

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2. We pick up your vehicle

A few hours ahead of your scheduled pick-up time, you’ll be contacted by the carrier company. This is done to ensure that the pick-up location is accessible for large commercial trucks. Let them know if you think it might be a problem and an alternative can be arranged. For instance, you could choose to meet them in a nearby parking lot, a broader street, or at your workplace. The carrier also needs confirmation that someone will be present to hand over the vehicle. If you are unable to be there, nominate a third-party to act on your behalf, such as a neighbor, friend, relative, or colleague

Before your vehicle is loaded, both you and the Snowbird Shipping driver will closely inspect it. Any existing damage such as dings, dents, scratches, or other issues will be documented in the Bill of Lading. You'll receive a copy of this document, make sure to keep it safe. Your vehicle is then loaded into trailer and it’s time to say goodbye. The progress of your shipment can be monitored by staying in touch with the driver. You may choose to receive regular updates through phone or email.

3. We deliver your vehicle

Before you know it, you’ll be contacted by the carrier to let you know your vehicle is almost home. A few hours prior to its arrival, they will contact you to check your availability. If you're unavailable, you can appoint a reliable third party to receive your vehicle on your behalf. Consider delegating this task to a neighbor, friend, acquaintance, relative, or colleague, provided they are at least 18 years old.

Finally, your vehicle arrives and you have the opportunity to check its condition before signing the Bill of Lading. If you chose the Discounted Cash Price option, this would be the time to pay the outstanding balance to the carrier, which can be paid in cash, by cashier's check, or money order.

Experience the advantages of our Snowbirds Car Shipping service

Snowbird shipping service that clearly outperforms the competition

Discover why we rank one of the best leading auto shipping companies.
Zero upfront payment

By choosing our service, you're not required to make any upfront payment. Payment is only processed when your shipment is assigned to a carrier and your vehicle is dispatched for shipping.

Full insurance coverage

Choose our shipping service with confidence, as our rates include full insurance coverage. There are no hidden or unexpected charges—guaranteed.

Tailored snowbird moving

Our service can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Speak with our enthusiastic shipping advisors and they’ll do everything they can to ensure our snowbird shipping service exceeds your expectations.


Our diligent shipping advisors can be contacted by phone or Live Chat and are there to guide you through the shipping process. With our door-to-door service, you even have the opportunity to meet the driver who will be transporting your vehicle, making the experience highly personalized and engaging.

Which shipping service is favored by snowbirds?

Which shipping service is favored by snowbirds?

The preferred choice is our open trailer. It offers the best value for your budget while making sure the safe and secure transportation of your vehicle.

If a snowbird is the proud owner of a custom, classic, antique, or luxury vehicle, it’s always recommended they use our enclosed trailer. Although it comes at a slightly higher cost, it provides unparalleled protection from the elements and traffic grime, ensuring the utmost care for your prized vehicle.

Experience the advantages of our Snowbirds Shipping service

Saving time and money

You can avoid the hassles of long-distance travel. We’ll ship your automobile for you while you travel straight to your destination quicker and safer. This allows you to arrive at your delivery location stress-free, while we make sure to deliver it right to your doorstep.

Safer and more secure

Driving long distances is very tiring, and the risk of an accident increases the further you drive. With our services, you can avoid traffic queues and dangerous wintery road conditions.

Personal beloggings shipped for free

You have the flexibility to ship one suitcase or securely packed box weighing up to 100 lbs. of personal belongings in the trunk of your vehicle, with no additional fees. There are restrictions in the items you can ship. Speak with our shipping advisors for more information.

Enclosed trailer is available

If you’re the owner of a luxury, high-end, unusual, or unique vehicle you can take advantage of our enclosed snowbirds trailer. Your vehicle will be securely ship in an enclosed trailer that is closed on all sides, meaning it’s completely protected from the elements, dust, dirt, and grime.

Exclusive discounts for snowbirds are available

We do everything we can to secure the most competitive rates for our shipping services. We offer exclusive snowbirds discounts to make the experience even more affordable for you.

Flexible pick-up and delivery

Because we offer a door-to-door service, you’re able to choose the pick-up and delivery locations. Simply provide us with the necessary details, and we will make every effort to safely and legally accommodate your chosen destinations as closely as possible.

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