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Reasons to choose one of the top-rated auto shipping companies in Illinois

No payment upfront

Certainly! When it comes to auto transport in Illinois, it's essential to be aware of payment terms. As an auto transport broker focusing on cars and motorcycles in the United States, like yourself, the fact that companies like Navi Auto Transport don't require upfront payments can be particularly appealing. This payment flexibility can make it easier for you to manage your logistics and ensure a smooth experience for your clients.

Full insurance coverage

Auto shipping companies incorporate insurance coverage in your transport quote. Our chosen carriers must comply with insurance regulations before being eligible to join our distinguished network of haulers. We have a dedicated department that verifies every carrier that we work with.

Personal advisors

Our dedicated team of auto transport advisors is committed to guaranteeing that you're engaging with the best vehicle shipping company. They will continuously supervise your shipment to ensure smooth delivery.

Customizable Car Transport Services

Our dedicated team of shipping advisors is here to work closely with you. Whether you're moving a car within Illinois or to another state, we'll find the best transportation solution that not only meets your budget but also aligns perfectly with your needs.

Here is why to choose Navi Auto Transport service in Illinois

If you're looking for local car shipping services in Illinois, Navi Auto Transport has got you covered. Whether you need to transport a vehicle to a college student, make a long-distance purchase, or relocate for work within the state, Navi Auto Transport is your trusted choice. We are fully licensed and insured, providing secure vehicle transport not only in Illinois but also across every corner of the state. If you want to learn more, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

What's the process for Navi Auto Transport's car shipping services in Illinois?

We pick up your vehicle

We deliver your vehicle

Navi Auto Transport: Auto Transport is reliable auto transport broker

What is the typical timeframe for car transportation to or from Illinois?

The typical timeframe for car transportation to or from Illinois can vary depending on several factors:

  1. Seasonal demand for transportation services.
  2. The overall distance your vehicle needs to travel.
  3. Traffic conditions encountered during the journey.
  4. Weather conditions along the chosen route.
  5. Any ongoing construction or roadwork along the route.

Please note that the transit time mentioned here does not include the timeframe required for loading and unloading your vehicle or any planned stops the driver might make during transportation. Once your car is dispatched, you will receive estimated pickup and delivery dates. At Navi Auto Transport, our goal is to provide top-notch customer service and ensure a smooth transportation experience to and from Illinois.

What is the pricing for car shipping in Illinois?

When it comes to pricing your car shipment to or from Illinois, several essential factors are taken into consideration:

  1. The pickup and delivery locations, ensuring they are convenient for you.
  2. The chosen shipping dates, accommodating your schedule.
  3. The total distance your vehicle will travel within Illinois and beyond.
  4. Your preference for either an open or enclosed auto transport.
  5. Providing detailed information about your vehicle.

For the most accurate and personalized estimate, simply get in touch with a knowledgeable Navi Auto Transport agent. Share information about the type of vehicle you’re shipping, the starting and ending points within Illinois, your preferred shipping date, and whether you prefer an open or enclosed trailer. Our team is here to ensure you receive a tailored quote that suits your specific car transportation needs in Illinois.

ship a car to Chicago

Transporting a car to Chicago

Transporting a Car FROM Illinois

Our extensive network of car carriers enables us to transport vehicles not only within Illinois but also across state border lines. We specialise in coordinating the transportation of various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, exotic and collector vehicles, electric cars, and ATVs, ensuring a seamless and reliable service tailored to your needs in Illinois and beyond.

From To Transit Time Price Range
Illinois Florida 3-5 days $950 – $1175
Illinois California 5-7 days $975 – $1275
Illinois Georgia 3-4 days $600 – $770
Illinois Texas 3-4 days $790 – $1150
Illinois New York 3-4 days $650 – $970

Transporting a Car TO Illinois

Whether you’re expanding your classic car collection, relocating for a new job, or a service member with orders for relocation, shipping a vehicle to Illinois is what we specialize in. We’ve assisted thousands of customers in transporting their cars to Illinois. If you’re curious about the cost, don’t hesitate to reach out by giving us a call or using our website’s quote calculator to get an estimate.

From To Transit Time Price Range
Florida Illinois 3-5 days $790 – $1050
California Illinois 5-7 days $1090 – $1250
Georgia Illinois 3-4 days $620 – $780
Texas Illinois 3-4 days $625 – $1000
New York Illinois 3-4 days $700 – $910
Ship your car to or from New York

What customers say about Navi Auto Transport services:

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Auto Transport Services Offered by Navi Auto Transport in Illinois

When you schedule car shipping to or from Illinois with us, we can arrange pickup and delivery anywhere within the state.

Certainly, here’s the information organized in a table format for various locations in Illinois and their associated auto transport services:

Location Auto Transport Services ZIP Codes
Elgin, IL To/From Elgin, Illinois 60103, 60118, 60120, 60123, 60124, 60136, 60140, 60175, 60177, 60192 & surrounding areas
Joliet, IL To/From Joliet, Illinois 60403, 60404, 60410, 60421, 60431, 60432, 60433, 60435, 60436, 60441, 60442, 60447, 60451, 60544, 60560, 60586 & surrounding areas
Naperville, IL To/From Naperville, Illinois 60440, 60504, 60532, 60540, 60563, 60564, 60565, 60585 & surrounding areas
Peoria, IL To/From Peoria, Illinois 61525, 61528, 61602, 61603, 61604, 61605, 61606, 61607, 61614, 61615, 61616, 61625 & surrounding areas
Rockford, IL To/From Rockford, Illinois 61008, 61020, 61088, 61101, 61102, 61103, 61104, 61107, 61108, 61109, 61111, 61114 & surrounding areas
Springfield, IL To/From Springfield, Illinois 62563, 62629, 62670, 62701, 62702, 62703, 62704, 62707, 62711, 62712 & surrounding areas
Waukegan, IL To/From Waukegan, Illinois 60031, 60048, 60083, 60085, 60087, 60099 & surrounding areas
Location Auto Transport Services ZIP Codes
Arlington Heights, IL To/From Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004, 60005, 60006, 60008, 60056, 60095 & surrounding areas
Aurora, IL To/From Aurora, Illinois 60502, 60503, 60504, 60505, 60506, 60510, 60519, 60538, 60542, 60543, 60554, 60563, 60564, 60585 & surrounding areas
Bloomington, IL To/From Bloomington, Illinois 61701, 61704, 61705, 61709, 61710, 61791, 61799 & surrounding areas
Chicago, IL To/From Chicago, Illinois A comprehensive list of ZIP codes for Chicago and surrounding areas
Cicero, IL To/From Cicero, Illinois 60804 & surrounding areas
Champion, IL To/From Champion, Illinois 61820, 61821, 61822, 61824, 61825, 61826 & surrounding areas
Decatur, IL To/From Decatur, Illinois 62501, 62522, 62524, 62526, 62554, 62521, 62523, 62525, 62535 & surrounding areas

Ready to schedule auto transportation services in Illinois?

Whether you’re in the early stages of researching auto transport services in Illinois or haven’t yet set a moving date, now is the perfect time to request a car shipping estimate with Navi Auto Transport. Simply enter your pickup and drop-off locations within Illinois, vehicle type, and other relevant details into our online rate calculator to receive an instant quote. If you have any inquiries about the auto transport process or the specifics of your estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Navi Auto Transport shipping advisor for assistance.

Eight Key Tips for a Successful Move to Illinois

Plan Ahead

Start planning your move well in advance. Create a checklist and timeline to ensure you don’t forget any crucial steps. Make a moving schedule and stick to it to avoid last-minute stress.

Choose a Reputable Moving Company

If you’re using a moving company, do your research to find a reliable and licensed company. Get quotes from multiple companies, check their reviews, and ask for recommendations from friends or family who have moved recently.

Consider the Weather

Illinois experiences all four seasons, so be prepared for a range of weather conditions. Check the weather forecast for your moving day and plan accordingly. Have appropriate clothing and supplies on hand.

Update Your Address

Notify important parties of your change of address, including the postal service, banks, utilities, and any subscription services. Also, update your address on your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Purge and Organize

Before packing, declutter your belongings. Donate or sell items you no longer need to lighten your load. Organize your belongings by room and label your boxes to make unpacking easier.

Open car Transport

An open trailer serves as a secure and dependable choice, widely used for car shipping in the vicinity of Illinois. It offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with easy loading and unloading. However, please note that vehicles transported via open trailers are exposed to weather and road conditions, which may result in some expected dirt accumulation during transit.


Enclosed car Transport

Enclosed car transport is the ideal choice for classic, exotic, and luxury cars when shipping to or from Illinois. It’s particularly suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance, which may necessitate a hydraulic lift gate or ramp for safe loading onto the truck. The enclosed transport ensures your vehicle’s protection from a majority of weather and road hazards, providing added peace of mind when shipping your cherished possession in Illinois.

Explore Your New Community

Once you’ve arrived in Illinois, take some time to explore your new community. Familiarize yourself with local services, schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational opportunities. Getting to know your new surroundings can help you settle in more comfortably.

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